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Volkswagen Transporter Camper Conversion Kits

VW Transporter camper conversion kits are the latest in must-have innovative technology for individuals and families that like to travel. The technological advantage of VW van conversion kits, as well as the convenience they are able to offer those with a passion for adventure, has made them widely popular in recent years.

Conversion kits for the Volkswagen Transporter 5 and Transporter 6 models in particular have gained wide recognition and prominence for their versatility. Converting these models into camper vans is made increasingly easy with DIY campervan conversion plans, which can help you convert your VW vehicle into the camper van of your dreams without having to face unnecessary hassle.

Putting our innovative ideas into action, and serving as the most reliable name in VW camper van conversion companies in the UK, All Seasons Leisure offers a variety of campervan layouts and customisable VW T5 conversion ideas that will help you achieve your desired result.

Unsure of what to look for when it comes to successfully converting your VW Transporter? Read on to learn about how our expertise in VW Transporter camper conversion kits and accessories can help you, and to learn about the latest in what we are able to offer.

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About the VW Transporter

The VW Transporter was recently recognised as the “best large trades van” of 2017 and has become a favourite, flexible option for individuals and families interested in investing in one of our premium VW Transporter 5 and 6 campervan conversion kits.

Financing such a project tends to initially be one of the more intimidating aspects of the process for customers, but through efforts to aim high in customer satisfaction, we work to ensure that the VW camper conversion cost is one that is affordable for you.

Particularly for those that travel frequently – for leisure or for business – many have reported that investing in a campervan conversion has helped them to save money. The expense of stopping at a multitude of places on the road to hole up for the night can pile up quickly, and by investing in your own T6 or T5 camper conversion kit, you get to be in control of your camper’s layout and can accessorise according to your comfort.

The VW T5 conversion kits our company offers are nothing less than luxurious for customers that want to be able to travel comfortably and in style. Our kits ensure that you will be able to achieve a state-of-the-art conversion camper that is more than capable of getting you where you need to go.

We offer several conversion component upgrades that are unique to VW Transporter models, in addition to other standard camper conversion components that we have available for additional camper van models.

Standard Components & Upgrades fo​​​​r Camper Conversions

Our latest updated list of standard components that we make available as part of all of our camper van conversion kits includes a list of offerings we make available for Volkswagen models as well as Mazda, Nissan, and Toyota vehicles.

These highly-innovative standard components and upgrades that you can request to have included as part of your VW crafter camper conversion kit range from the basic necessities to those that set you up for a deluxe experience.

We know that you might be looking for more than just a cookie-cutter conversion camper experience, and although we have the basics ready to get you started, we always strive to keep in stock a variety of customisation options. Everyone has their preferences when it comes to the camper’s interior, and the quality of our technology as well as the talent of our top manufacturers allows us to make available that wide range of options.

Just to get you started with your ideal VW caddy camper conversion kit, the standard components that we offer as popular upgrades for your conversion kit include:

Pop-Up Roof

The upgraded pop-up roof that may be available for your VW transporter camper conversion allows extra height in the living area of your camper – a feature we have noticed many of our customers appreciate. It can be particularly advantageous for taller individuals in order to avoid having to constantly stoop, as well as make moving around the camper and using your appliances an easier endeavour.


Our camper conversion specialists are capable of installing industry standard RIB Campervan Rock N Roll Beds within all converted VW T5 camper units. Campervan conversion kits are about more than style after all; our company views the inclusion of a bed as a necessary luxury – one that all of our customers deserve to benefit from during travels both near and far.

VW Campervan Furniture

Our T5 furniture kits include the most high-quality furniture pieces in the industry, as we manufacture our furniture sets using the latest and greatest in innovative technology. The quality of the upgrades and range of furnishings we are able to provide as part of our VW T5 camper interior kits are a major factor in our growth as one of the most reliable brands in camper van conversions.

We prioritise both style and optimal functionality when it comes to our VW camper furniture upgrades; this includes flush fitting handles and hinges, and a range of designs for tables, bed boards, over-bed lockers, and full-length side lockers.

Customisable Upholstery and Quality Finishes

Our deluxe Volkswagen T5 conversion kits would not have the same superior touch if they did not include our customisable upholstery, re-trimming, and finishing options. Our experts are capable of re-trimming any existing finishes you already have within your vehicle, as well as upgrading upholstery based on your individual preference for colour, style, and size requirements of your converted camper.

The most popular of our quality finishes that we strive to always keep in stock include lightweight poplar plywood and a strong laminate finish. Our specialists are experienced in working with a number of different converted camper models and are therefore qualified to assist you no matter if you decide to stick with your standard VW Transporter materials (Tasamo, Standard, or Alcantara) or otherwise reupholster from there. This allows you to choose a stylish leather or two-tone finish for your upholstery that we guarantee will be of superb quality to meet the specifications of your ideal VW T5 conversion plan.

Kitchen Appliances

We offer all of the necessary kitchen appliances a frequent traveler – or a family of enthusiastic campers – could want within their new and improved converted camper vehicle. Stocked only with premium quality products, we are able to upgrade our customers’ VW Transporter T5 conversion campervans to include:

Sinks, Refrigerators, Domestic UK Ovens, Freezers, Cookers (SMEV20 Litre Oven/Grill), Power management from Sargent, LED Lighting, Twin 240V sockets and 12V sockets, and Leisure batteries

Our quality manufactured kitchen components and appliances will leave you wanting for nothing when you decide to go on the road. You will never have to sacrifice comfort or practicality when it comes to travelling within your tech-savvy VW Transporter camper.

All of our appliances are specially designed to be ideal for campervans, motorhomes, and caravans; it would not do for converted campers to have appliances inadequate to the needs of the vehicle installed, and that is why our company invests in premium manufacturers and companies that can guarantee quality and excellence.

All appliances are designed with the utmost safety and cautionary procedures in mind in order to ensure that all passengers within your camper can safely and conveniently take advantage of the everyday home appliances most of us are already accustomed to utilising.


All Seasons Leisure serves as a top UK supplier of Eberspächer Diesel Heaters, which allow you to control the temperature within your VW converted camper. These systems are renowned for their high performance, advanced technology, and durable design. In addition, Eberspächer also utilises a state-of-the-art oxidation catalyst that boasts quiet and low-emission operational potential. Thus, your temperature control within your van will never become a nuisance, and you can comfortably rest easy with your camper set at your desired level of warmth.


All of our VW T5 camper conversion DIY kits offer electric system upgrades that are produced by the All Seasons Leisure company. These help to ensure that your experience within your converted vehicle is one of safety, convenience, and satisfaction.

These electric systems include:

- Control Panel
- 240v Hook up
- 240v RCD
- 240v Double Sockets
- LED flexible light for the rood bed
- Designer roof LED lighting
- 12v Split Charger System
- 12v LED Lighting (available as Standard or Colour Changing)
- Pop up 12v Power Sockets
- Leisure Battery

Audio and Video Components

The audio and video system upgrades we are able to offer to customers interested in our VW T5 DIY camper conversions amp your travelling experience up to a level above and beyond the standard experience.

The range of state-of-the-art audio and video equipment we are able to provide include:

- TV/DVD player
- Integrated hands-free operation
- Upgraded stereo system
- Integrated navigation system
- Additional speakers for your living area
- Parking cameras

Furthermore, if you are unsure of how to convert a VW T5 into a camper van, have no fear! Our experienced specialists are available to offer assistance at your convenience and are equipped with superior knowledge regarding the best camper conversion methods. Our experts have acquired a comprehensive understanding of how the technology works, as well as how to best communicate the benefits and ‘How To’s to both car dealers and our customers.

Additional VW Camper Furniture Kits & Accessories

Although it is only practical to prioritise the most basic of necessities to include as part of your VW T5 interior conversion kit, All Seasons Leisure allows you to go all out. By looking into one of our VW Transporter camper conversion plans, you can travel in style, as well as hit the road in a vehicle that truly feels like home.

In addition to the standard upgrades and components detailed above, the current list of accessories we offer specifically for VW Transporter camper conversions includes:

- Storage room
- Complete set of practical camping materials
- Cooler

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Travelling in a camper conversion is fun, it is convenient to meet your needs, and by investing in one of our DIY Volkswagen T5 camper interior kits, it could not be simpler.

If you are an individual or family that loves to travel but does not want to sacrifice quality and style, don’t wait to get ahead on this investment. Download our brochure and price list today!

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